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Just me

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pole-dancing classes.....

So, tonight I started back at pole-dancing classes and I know there is a HUGE stigma about these types of classes and the image they portray but I have to say I love it now as much as I did 3/4 years ago when I did it then.

Back then I did approx 12 classes all in all and I can tell you for a fact that from doing this, both my upper and core strength improved dramatically and, although you don't sweat at the classes, you do feel like you've worked hard at the end of each one.

Tonight showed me how pole-dancing is possibly being accepted a bit more as a fitness class, and not just a class for the wild youngsters looking to get their freak on, hahahaha. The age range in the class I went to was vast in as such as there were 16 to approx 50+ year olds (sorry if I offended anyone with that, lol). Everyone worked equally as hard as the next and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Now, I can already feel the pain and the bruises forming but I can't wait for next week's class!!!!! :D

Y'all come back now,



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