Just me

Just me

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A new start for the ol' blog here.....

Hey guys and gals!

So it's the first of January....a whole new year begins today! And in that year is the chance to make something in your life better, by giving yourself a resolution!!!

I've thought about what to do this year, and really there are soooooo many options I could give myself:

* Become more confident with others
* Take more pride in my appearance
* Become more domesticated (as my boyfriend would put it, lol)
* Become healthier by eating better and working out etc.
* Take up more hobbies/courses in regards to things I enjoy ie singing, make-up etc

All are perfectly achievable, i'm sure, but I just want to do something that I will actually manage to accomplish. Is it so bad to ask that by the end of the year I can say, I DID IT!!!!! lol?????

I'm definitely one of those people that likes to start something but never really gets round to completing it.....always losing interest or feeling I'm not good enough to continue. For example, this blog was actually started months ago, but it has taken until today (that all important start of the year, lol) for me to actually write anything. I even had to get some inspiration from a friend, who has recently re-started her blog, to do this! But even then, i'm half tempted to delete it, thinking what if no-one wants to read what I have to say, what if it's not interesting. Maybe my one resolution should be to have more faith in myself and my abilities as they are, without trying to change anything just yet!!!! lol.

I know I might sound like quite a sad and depressing person now but, honestly, i'm not!!!! Hahahaha. And if I can TRY and keep this going, I will try to show you all, lol. I'm hoping to do more personal updates, but also include make-up entries, possible OOTD.....the usual stuff you see on these......or maybe what I like to see anyways, lol.

So without further ado, I welcome the New Year and all the hope it brings!!! Yeh, HOPE that I keep this up now, hahahahaha.

Y'all come back now ;)

Ruthie x

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